About The Comix

Half silliness, half technical stuff, all truth*, with none of the added sugar or calories of non-diet webcomics, Mechanix Comix is a weekly webcomic about the strange and mystical world of working as a mechanic at a bowling alley. Drawn while totally off the clock**, each comic is inspired directly by the events of my working life.  Some may contain "foul" language (bonus points for a bowling pun), but generally you can expect to learn absolutely nothing besides how many children it takes to jam a pit conveyor (Hint: It's a lot).

About the artist:

Mechanix Comix is drawn by a guy named Mike, who works as a real life "B" level mechanic for a 36 lane bowling center. He hasn't been to college, but dreams that someday he'll have the money and time to dedicate to furthering his education beyond "turn the wrench this way". Gifted with a complete lack of artistic talent, he began drawing Mechanix Comix when he realized that there were simply too many funny stories to tell and not enough people to tell them to. When he isn't drawing about fixing machines, or actually fixing machines, he's showing other people how to fix them on his Youtube channel, or breaking them in the same manner as his customers on his other Youtube channel.

To contact him, send some electronic mail his way at mechanixcomix@gmail.com.


*Citation needed

**Citation needed again